Panel talks going from 11am-5pm. All talks take place in the main lecture hall. 

10:00am breakfast and coffee

10:30: Opening Remarks with Caroline Sinders, Adelle Lin and Mohini Freya Dutta

11:00am- how do we open source when we are all called ninjas? moderated by Tracy Hinds, with David Huerta, Alex Qin and Rachel White

11:00am Artist talk with Kawandeep Virdee

12pm- Trolling moderated by Caroline Sinders, with Katherine Cross, Sydette Harry, and Robyn Caplan

1pm Lunch Break

2pm- Tumblr and Art Appropriation moderated by Caroline Sinders with Jenna Wortham, Kimberly Drew, and Dorothy Santos

3pm What Was the Internet Before? Moderated by Luke DuBois with Harlo Holmes, Carla Gannis, and Matt Mitchell.

3pm Artist talk with Johanna Hedva

3:30pm Artist talk with Hadeel Ayoub

4pm Sara Hendren in conversation with Faye Ginsburg

5pm Keynote- When Civic Good and Hacking Go Awry April Glaser, Casey Johnston, Jade Davis, Sha Hwang, and Anika Gupta.


Daytime Workshops!

11:15- 1pm- Rebecca Fiebrink and Phoenix Perry on Machine Learning for Artists

2pm- 3pm Bernardo Schorr and Maria Paula Saba on Creative Coding and P5js


10am breakfast and coffee

11:00am Artist talk with Lam Thuy Vo

12:00pm Artist Talk with Sougwen Chung

1:00pm LUNCH

2pm- But is it real? Moderated by Alexis Anais Avedisian with Sam Lavigne, Molly Soda, EJane and Kelani Nichole

2pm Artist Talk with Nancy Schwartzman. 

3pm What does it do?  Salome Asega, Pam Liou, and Nicole He moderated by Adelle Lin.

3pm Healthy Hackerspaces moderated by Phoenix Perry, Holly Hudson, Monique Blake, and Johanna Hedva

4pm Keynote: Data and Story telling with Mimi Onuoha, Genevieve Hoffman, and Allison Parrish moderated by Mohini Dutta.

5pm Closing Remarks


Daytime Workshops

2-3pm Backslash Hardware Activism lecture with Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveria

11am-1pm Dancing Robots with Stefania Druga