FACETS started out of Facebook conversation between Jane, Phoenix, Mohini and Caroline on Jane's wall about a desire for a more laid back interdisciplinary art, technology, and video games "un-conference" that was just...diverse. We wanted to attend a conference with more women and more minority speakers. We wanted to attend a conference that had video games AND art AND technology but not on separate panels. We wanted all of these things in one space...so we decided to make one. And that's how FACETS was born. 

Organized by Caroline Sinders and created by Jane Friedhoff, Phoenix Perry, Mohini Dutta and Caroline Sinders, FACETS is a new type of conference hosted and sponsored by NYU's Integrated Digital Media Program, with support from NYU MAGNET. 

Co-creator and main organizer, Caroline Sinders



Co-curator Adelle Lin


Co-creator Phoenix Perry


Co-creator Mohini Dutta